Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've been busy with organizing, organizing and more organizing! I think about it all day and dream about it at night. I guess this is what happens when you start your own business. Since this blog is still receiving daily hits, I thought I'd update you on how my business is going.

Lasting Order launched in June and I've officially surpassed 100 hands-on client hours (not counting consultations). Considering I've got to do 1500 hours to become a Certified Professional Organizer, I've got a long road ahead!! The business started with a boom - much faster than I anticipated... but there have been some slow weeks also. Things are picking back up, so I'm  a happy lady. :)

I love hands-on organizing. I love the feeling that I get when I've helped someone experience freedom from clutter. It's addictive. I want to help as many people as possible! One realization that I've come to is that most regular folks think they cannot afford a professional organizer. I think that they can't NOT afford one - so many people are letting their lives go to waste with unfulfilled good intentions. Their minds and homes are filled with so much clutter that nothing is being accomplished. You only have one life! Don't waste it!

In order to introduce my services to more people, I've partnered with a company called Clever Container. It's the first DSA (Direct Sales Association) company to exclusively offer organizing products. Hostesses invite me to do a free organizing workshop in their home, which allows me to show people how I work and explain what a PO does. This should be a great way to reach the regular folks like you & me - and show them how much I can help them! Even if they choose not to use my organizing services, I've helped them get more organized with the workshop information and awesome products for every area of their home & life. My biz and Clever Container are very complimentary - a perfect match!

Anyway, I love that I can be so personal on this blog, because the biz blog has to be so business-like! :) Sometimes I need to express my feelings too. lol

There is something so wonderful about knowing that you are doing exactly what God has called you to do. It definitely is not easy. There are many difficult decisions and so many paths I could take. But, knowing that God has ordained my steps and won't leave me stranded makes it all worthwhile. I'm certainly not getting rich, but I feel like I'm living the American dream!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Business Blog

I have a dream. I have had a dream for many {about 6} years. I've piddled around with my dream - reading, researching and practicing... but I think I'm finally ready to act on it. I dream of being a Professional Organizer. I'm soft launching my business and working toward growing it into a "real" business. :)

Check out my professional website/blog:

Please let me know what you think!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog? What blog?

I haven't forgotten that I have a blog, but blogging has not been of the utmost importance lately. At this point, I have so many things I could blog about that it would take too long to "catch up" so I'm not going to even try. I may continue to post now & again or maybe I won't... I'll see ya when I see ya. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How I spent my weekend...

Goodbye ugly wallpaper borders...
Since we moved June 2009, I've been painting and re-doing each room as I have the time, money & energy. Silly me... I've been itching to finish the final 2 rooms so badly that I spent the rest of my Christmas money on the boys' bathroom. Seriously... the BOYS bathroom - which I never go into. Both the boys' bath and the kitchen had these ugly grandma-ish borders that just HAD to come down. Since I was fixing the boys bath and had my steamer handy, I decided to just remove the kitchen border also.
I'm not sure what got into me!

 Here's the kitchen before & after border removal...
I picked the kitchen color and think that I've found what I want to hang on the biggest empty wall... but that will have to wait until I come into some more cash since I just spent it all on the boys bathroom.

Goodbye ugly grandma mirror doors on the bathroom cabinet...

 Before & after...
BEFORE: boring cream colored walls, grandma flowered border mixed with rubber ducks and baby photos
AFTER: forest green paint with a camping/outdoor theme

 VERY appropriate sign for the boys' bathroom... :)

I'm pretty happy with how the bathroom turned out. Once the paint dries thoroughly, I've got to move the shower curtain up. (and I need to return the light switch cover too - I bought a one switch cover instead of two. oops!) I'm picking photos from our family outdoor adventures to go into the collage frames to finish off the look. So exciting!!
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